retail solution


  1. No proper recognition of the customer and staff
  2. Monitor staff behaviour against customers
  3. Preventing shoplifting has been one of the primary concerns
  4. Most prone to break-ins after retail hours
  5. Optimizing the shop floor efficiency.
  6. Purchase Invoice tracking
  7. Right deployment of staff, when the store is busiest
  8. Effective promotional offers.
  9. Keeping a watch on your housekeeping staff to ensure that they keep the store neat and clean


  1. High resolution cameras for 24x7 monitoring
  2. People counting cameras at entrance points for footfall count and to know the trend of business
  3. Fisheye cameras for floor areas to cover 360° view with one camera
  4. Heatmap analytics to monitor the crowd at different store for business analysis
  5. Announcement for the promotions via audio I/O in camera
  6. High FPS camera at cash counter to monitor all transactions closely
  7. POS integration with cash counter cameras to make video more meaningful
  8. Panic Button at Cash counter for emergency situation
  9. Low light cameras in store rooms