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Flap Barrier

Entry Automation

Entry Automation

Boom Barrier | Flap Barrier | Turnstile | Bolard

Web Application

IT Services

Networking Solutions

W-Fi Solution | LAN

Home Automation

IoT Services

IoT and AI solution

Connected Devices & Apps

Door Frame Metal Detector- DFMD

Security Services

Metal Detector | DFMD

Door Frame Metal Detector | HHMD

Door Access Control

Security Services

Attendance & Access Control

Attendence | Access Control

Guard Tour System

Guard Tour System

Guard Patroling Solution

Solution & Support

Top Products

Top selling products

CCTV Camera

CCTV Camera

IP and Digital Camera

Face Detection camera

Temperature & Face

Attendence & Access Control

Beam Sensor

Security Sensors

Beam Sensor | PIR Motion Sensor | Door Magnetic Contact Sensor

Temperature Screening Camera

Temperature Screening Camera

Temperature Detection and Alarm System


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CCTV Installation
CCTV works in Okhla

One of our latest installation.

Biometric & Access Control
Installed at Different offices & Factories

Get all factory Data at the head office

Fire Alarm System
Smoke Detector | Fire Detector | Hooter

Honeywell Fire Alarm system solution